Wedding Inspiration - Colour Palettes

A different way to get your wedding inspiration on - Colour Palettes

Wedding inspiration, yes, it's fun looking through the 1000's of images everywhere and beautiful wedding blogs. But we don't always have to look at just weddings for it! Who's with me?

Get creative. If you are getting married in the Wairarapa or anywhere in Wellington and beyond for that matter, why not be inspired by the landscape around where you'll be having the celebrations?


These soothing neutral tones and colour palette from the coast line below for example, have a wonderful feel don't you think? Taken on the Coast of the Wairarapa, on Ocean Beach Road, near Wharekauhau. Love how the little batches just blend on in the landscape! So cute.

You can download the PDF below for future reference, or go create a few palettes of your own from images you already have.


Wellington wild coast, Wairarapa wedding inspiration and colours