How to choose your Wairarapa wedding Venue

When it comes to throwing the best Wairarapa wedding ever, you’re going to need a killer venue.We think it’s really important for you to decide what exactly you want and how you imagine the day, rather than finding a venue and trying to fit the day around the venue! Wedding venues are all different. Each one will meet the needs of different couples.

No matter what style of celebration you want to throw, there’s a Wairarapa wedding venue out there for you that is just perfect. So how do you choose the right one for your wedding?


Do the Research

The beginning of your search for the perfect venue will consist of you doing some amazing research. You will want to compile as much information as you can on each venue you are interested in. Each venue should have a website, but websites can only give you so much information. Start a list and keep all the details organised for easy reference.

We've spoken to and work with a lot of different venues, and they all have some great, simple, practical advice in common to start with:

  • How large is your wedding?  - Know how many guests you are having.
  • Be budget conscious - Know how much you are willing to spend.
  • Dates - Are you tied to a specific date? Get in early, especially if planning a summer wedding.



Make a Thorough List of Essentials

You’ll need to list all of the facts pertaining to each venue. Here’s a sweet checklist of things to know about the venues you plan to explore: 

  • Name of Venue
  • Location
  • Website Address
  • Contact details
  • Rates - Gather as much basic rate information as you can. If this becomes a top three, you can jot down more detailed information later.
  • Availability - Because dates are important!
  • Capacity - For all those amazing guests!
  • Type of Venue - Barn, hotel, garden, park, vineyard, beach, art gallery, old homestead, 
  • Layout - Make note of whether or not each venue has the space for all aspects of your wedding (ceremony, reception, sit down dinner, cocktails, games, photobooth, dancing etc...)
  • Light and Space - If photography is important to you, you’ll want great natural light and natural spaces
  • Restrictions Does the website list any major restrictions, such as a definite end time, that would affect your decision?
  • Parking/ Transportation - Make any notes regarding parking. Is it free? Will guests need to drive their car? Are there taxis to local hotels? Will you need to organise transporting your guests?
  • Facility Extras - Are there items included with the venue chairs, tables, linens, vintage games, sound equipment for entertainment, a wedding planner, etc?
  • Caterer - Do you have to use their in-house caterer, do they have a preferred list of caterers you are required to work with or can you choose your own?

Click here for your freebie printable wedding venues PDF to collate all the info.

Have a Heart To Heart

Once you’ve compiled all the killer research on the venues you like, sit down with your partner and choose your top 3. Trust your instincts, make sure you feel you are in capable and not just good, but great hands! Email or ring them to get any extra info you need to help narrow it down. Then if possible book a day to have a look (or organise a Skype session) and you’ll be off to one amazing start to choosing the right venue for your big day!


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