Fresh take on Wedding Planning in the Wairarapa

Wedding Planning in the Wairarapa.

Introducing a fresh take on wedding planning, yep, it's happening in the Wairarapa right now.

A creative approach towards wedding planning from two people highly experienced in creating good food and good times.

Dale Keith is the head chef. With 30 years of experience as a chef and restauranteur, most notably with Vista Cafe and as creator of the famous Mt Victoria & Thorndon Chipperies, he knows what’s fresh and fantastic in the Wairarapa. He assists with the planning of your menu to make sure that it suits your event, and your unique tastes and personalities.

Greg Williams is the event manager, he works with you to ensure your day is seamless and expresses who you are as a couple. From the moment you call, to the day you set off on your honeymoon, Greg will be there to assist you in making all your ideas come to life.

Here is a little about how it all came about, from founder and owner Greg...

"I have been to a lot of weddings. Some of them have been fantastic, some of them have been a bit dull, but none of them were ever quite as good as an afternoon spent drinking good wine and eating incredible food in the sun with your friends. So, one day, when drinking a glass of fantastic Wairarapa wine and tucking into an incredible meal whipped up by my friend Dale, I thought to myself, 'Why CAN'T weddings be more like this?'.

Thus, Entwine was born.

We're combining the gorgeous lush beauty of Wairarapa vineyards with incredible fresh local food and wrapping it all up with a bow for couples who don't want an occasion that feels like 'just another wedding', but rather, beautiful time spent with loved ones. We want to offer people that experience of sharing a meal, being together in a beautiful place, enjoying good wine, and coming together as friends and family.

The best weddings, in my opinion, are the ones that flow smoothly. They're not too formal, but everything is taken care of. They're beautiful, but in a natural way. The details are all just right- but nothing is fussy or overdone. With Entwine, we've captured that, and I'm very proud of it. To summarise: do you want to get married in a lovely vineyard, with incredible food and wine? Yes? Fantastic, get in touch!"

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