Alternatives to western tradition

Looking to step away from the traditional parts of your wedding day? Maybe cake isn’t your jam, or you're not feeling a formal sit-down dinner. Here are a few modern, relaxed options as an alternative!


If you’re a bit of a cheese-fiend, why not opt for a massive stack of glorious cheese, instead of a cake?

Hear us out on this one - because it’s proving to be a super-popular alternative to the classic baked cake! It’s also one you can make yourself; just pop to Moore Wilsons, grab a few large rounds of cheese in descending sizes, stack ‘em up, and voila - a cake! Serve it with fruit, crackers and dip. Another option is some smaller sweet treats - think cupcakes or donuts. Yum!

Cheese wheel cake

Cheese wheel cake


We are so lucky to have some incredible food trucks and versatile food options available - so why not opt for a more informal, fun way of dining? Your guests will love it!


Feeling a bit nervous, with all the suspense? You don’t have to wait until the ceremony - in fact, plenty of couples are opting to have a first look beforehand. The superstition of it being bad luck to see the bride before the wedding actually comes from the days of arranged marriages, as it was feared that if the bride wasn’t up to the groom’s standards, he might call off the wedding. A first look is also a great time to get your photos taken with your bridal party early, so you have more time to mingle with your family and friends post-ceremony.  

Bride and Groom first look

Bride and Groom first look


It doesn’t need to be simple, white roses (although they are certainly beautiful!) - bouquets are an opportunity for getting creative! Why not choose something that will last forever - perhaps folded flax bouquets, silk flowers or origami? Or if you still want something botanical, why not choose fascinating foliage or succulents instead?


If you're a fan of DIY, this can be a great wee therapeutic project in the lead-up to the big day. If you're not so patient when it comes to paper folding, it might be time to delegate!


Feeling like the classic white dress just isn’t you? No worries - opt for something a bit different! You could explore soft, pale tones of powder blue, champagne and rose gold - or go all out in red or orange! There’s something for everyone, and you don’t need to stick to tradition - pick something that captures you. Or why not switch up the dress completely, and go for a striking white jumpsuit?

Blue wedding dress

Blue wedding dress

Your wedding is about what the two of you want - so go with your gut! Whether you are simply in love with the classic, traditional wedding day, or you want to get creative and make your own traditions, we say go for it!