AUTUMN colour inspiration for weddings. Photo by Jenny Siaosi, table setting by Mustard folk. How could you not fall in love with these elegant, simple, earthy colours?

The Wairarapa in Autumn and Winter is quite simply incredible. Whilst in summer, it offers scorching hot, blue summer days with vivid green fields, there’s nothing quite like the stillness that accompanies the changing in seasons. The hazy morning light, the orange and brown leaves lining the streets, and the fresh, earthy landscapes - we start to see the gorgeous golden Winter light that hits the vineyards at 5pm, and that fresh, cool air that makes the idea of sitting around a fire more than welcome.

A lot of couples avoid having their weddings during these cooler months due to the unpredictable Wellington weather - but at the end of the day, you can’t control the weather any time of year, so why stress? Instead, make the most of the time of year by embracing the natural colours, tones and light. Autumnal and Winter light is unique, rich and romantic – the intense golden sunsets at 5pm make for perfect photos, and the gorgeous natural tones thrive.

The colour palette below captivates some of the gorgeous earthy brown, pink and green tones that stand out in an Autumn or Winter setting. Alongside such a neutral, simple colour palette like this, why not incorporate pops of colour to brighten things up? We absolutely adore the addition of fruit to this setup by Mustard Folk (check them out here), as a way of bringing through the warmth and sweetness of Autumn into the décor. Alongside the natural woven textures of the fabric, and crisp choices of foliage, this setup captures everything there is to love about this time of year.

There’s no need to be down about the changing weather – instead, be inspired! Think cosy thoughts, embrace the beauty of the seasons, and make the most of what New Zealand has to offer. Check out the colour palette below for some ideas, or make one of your own!

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