Unplugged weddings?


Ah, the modern day world, where everyone has a camera in their pocket and can document everything that happens, as it happens. Not a moment gets missed, candid photos are aplenty, and Snapchat filters put a rose-tinted glow on every face and figure in the shot. But when it comes to your wedding day, is it time to say goodbye to the glowing phone screens and hundreds of rogue ‘photographers’ (who will more than likely pop into the background, or occasionally foreground, of your professional wedding photos, phone, tablet or camera in hand?)

The ‘Unplugged Wedding’ - is pretty popular. It doesn’t necessarily mean banning the presence of phones/ cameras altogether - but rather, having your guests to experience some of the day sans-iPhone camera, and without instant social media updates of every moment. We’ve got a couple of reasons to consider kindly asking your guests to enjoy the ceremony with you. 


So why not make the most of it! You’ve booked a photographer, who is running around making gorgeous pics of laughter, tears and beautiful moments. They’re skilled, creative and professional, and specialise in capturing your day. Why not relax, make the most of the money spent on booking your photographer, and enjoy the day for all its beauty, rather than worry about the family-paparazzi? (Not to mention, the snaps your Aunty captured might not be the most flattering angle!)

Rachel and Mark's Wairarapa Wedding. Siaosi Photography. Image by Jenny Siaosi

Rachel and Mark's Wairarapa Wedding. Siaosi Photography. Image by Jenny Siaosi


Most of us do love taking photos, it's heaps of fun, and we don't suggest you take away the pleasure through out the whole day,  but we’re all too guilty of spending far too much time looking at screens. Having a no phone ceremony means that your guests can witness you tying the knot with their own two eyes, rather than from behind the glow of their phone, and can engage with each other without feeling the need to photograph every single moment for themselves. They just might even have more fun and be able to really take part the celebrations! 



We often see phones and cameras peeking out from the audience of guests during the ceremony, however every now and then, some guests feel the need to launch into the aisle, or stand up in front of other guests, to get that winning shot. If you’ve booked a professional photographer for the day, they’ll be well used to any type of scenario such as this. But getting those gorgeous shots can be a lot easier without photobombers creeping into the shot!


On the flip side, why not take advantage of today's technology and all your aficionado friends and get them to share their photos.  A great idea is to ask them to hold off on posting any photos of the day until the two of you are ready, and get them to use a hashtag specific to you. A great way to build a bit of suspense and excitement for your all of the photos! 

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