Rainy Wairarapa Wedding

Rainy wedding at Lacewood by Amy Schulz Photography

But what if it rains...?

Is a very very good question, so there should always be a back up plan, and you should never let it bother you, no matter what the weather has planned for your wedding day. Here are some basics on preparing your rainy wedding back-up plan.

Stay Positive It is just rain, so breathe and smile. Make the best of it, embrace it, and most of all don't let it bother you, your guests will enjoy every minute just as long as you are too!

Talk to the Venue If you are planning an outdoor wedding, make sure the location/ or venue has a back up plan just in case. Some will have an indoor option, check it will house all of your friends and family comfortably. Consider a stretch tent or marquee if there isn't an indoor option.

Buy or hire Umbrellas and Boots Come prepared with extra umbrellas that you can leave around the venue. You can also buy or hire some that complement your style to use them in photos. Organise yourself and the bridal party some boots to switch into for the photo session.

Be Decisive and Flexible We all know the weather in New Zealand is a bit ridiculous right? It can be pouring cats and dogs for the morning, then clear right up later on... If your heart is set on an out door ceremony, be flexible, but decide on a time you are going to make that call.

Of course having a photographer who rocks, and who knows what to do what-ever gets thrown her way, can totally make a difference!

Images courtesy of the talented Amy Schulz. Location: Lacewood