Is a Wairarapa wedding for you?

  Paul Howell Photography



See if a Wairarapa wedding is for you by answering these multiple choice questions and tallying your score.

Disclaimer: Please note this is a light hearted quiz and is not a scientifically proven method of choosing the location of your wedding

Once you’ve chosen your wedding location, everything fits into place. If it’s the Wairarapa, then the decisions around catering, photography, flowers, cars etc. will be easier because we are experts in the wedding world. You’ll have a great selection of wonderful people to help make your day incredible.

1. How important is location to you? a) I want a venue that is so nature-inspired it will blow everyone away. b) It has to be a beautiful venue, away from the city, so we feel like we’ve all had a mini-holiday. c) I don’t really care about the venue – our local pub is fine with me.

2. Do you want fresh, local food that your guests will rave about? a) I eat out as often as I can, it's our favourite thing to do, and want the food to be a talking point. b) Food isn’t the most important thing, but I want everyone to enjoy something a little special. c) Not too fussed about the food – pig on a spit, some coleslaw and buns will do us.

3. How long do you want to be away from your guests if you have bridal party photos? a) We want to enjoy as much time as we can with our guests. Some will be coming from overseas. b) An hour or two is fine to be away from our guests. But any more wouldn’t be good. c) Up to four hours is okay – everyone will be so drunk by the time we get back that they’ll definitely laugh at the speeches.

4. What kind of experience do you want your guests to have? a) I want our guests to be relaxed so they can meet the rest of our family and friends. I also want them to go home feeling like they’ve done something special. b) I don’t want them to be bored but I also want them to enjoy a lovely setting. c) I want them to eat and run so we can go back to the hotel room as quick as possible.

5. Do you want your guests to stay overnight? a) I’d like us all to go on a wine tasting tour the next day, or maybe have brunch in Martinborough or Featherston. b) I’d like my friends and family to meet everyone else and have the time to get to know each other. c) I’m going back to the work the next day so I don’t really care.

How did you score? If you answered... Mostly A: Welcome to your Wairarapa wedding! Now all you need to do is browse through the great wedding community on this site. Mostly B: Look through this site a little more and we’ll convince the other half of you that a Wairarapa wedding will be awesome. Mostly C: Hey, ummm, are you sure you want to have a wedding?