How to choose your bridal party

Image via   Flowers by Megan

It’s time to decide on your bridal party - your henchmen, your bridespeeps, your matrimony-homies, your I-Do-Crew. Whatever you want to call them - it’s the closest friends and family that you want standing alongside you as you say your vows, celebrating with you all day and right into the night. We’ve got our top three tips for picking your bridal party. 

1. First up, figure out how many people you want. Discuss this with your partner - do you have a crew of 3, or perhaps 8 people you can’t live without? Or maybe you’d prefer to stay away from tradition, and have no formal bridal party? There’s no wrong answer. You might want to consider how your choice will be arranged in photos - for example, one on the groom’s side and seven on the bride’s side might feel unbalanced in the team photos, or you might be unsure as to how to arrange them all to fit during the ceremony. Talk it out. And remember - there are no rules. Mix up your girls and guys - if your best friend’s is a guy, make him your Man of Honour!

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2. Trust your gut - and don’t overthink it! Pick your faves. Don’t feel guilty for your decision - after all, it’s your day. Consider your closest friends, or your and your fiance’s relatives - while you might not quite be best friends with his sister yet, you’ll be in each others’ lives from now on and will undoubtedly get closer over time. Maybe your mum’s also your best friend - that’s cool too! 

3. If you’re going to have a maid of honour who will be in charge of making decisions and organising for the day, consider whether your choice will be up for the added responsibilities - maybe they live long-distance, or have just had a baby, and you don’t want to add to their stress! It all depends on how much you’re expecting of them, and what they’re up for - so (and I know I sound like a broken record), it’s all about communication! Talk to your girls or guys, and figure out what they’re up for. 


4. Consider your budget - will you be paying for all the bridesmaids’ dresses, hair and makeup? Clearly and honestly outline your expectations, and figure out how much it’ll cost. If you’re having a crew of 8 girls with hair, makeup and dresses, you might need to add a few thousand to that budget, so prepare in advance and think it through

5. But they picked me…

If you were in your friend’s bridal party, that doesn’t oblige you to return the favour! Perhaps you’re not as close as you were back then, or you’re opting for a smaller bridal party. That’s okay! Be honest and talk it through with them if you need to. 

Deanna Walker