Bridal Questions Answered

With all the planning, organising and stressing that goes into planning your big day, it's absolutely worth spending a few extra moments to consider those little details you may not have thought of! To help you out, we've answered a few often overlooked questions to save those last minute panics.  


Short answer - ummm, no! Wear whatever you want! And t’s all about what you are most comfortable in. However, there are a couple of things to keep in mind here. Your choice of shoe can alter the way you hold yourself, and the way your dress sits between your body and the floor - so make sure you try on your shoes and dress together, to really get a feel for how they work together. Try walking in them too - after all, you'll be spending a whole day in them, so best to choose something comfortable! After a test walk, you might realise they glimpse out between steps, especially if you're dancing, so it can be worth choosing a nice pair of shoes rather than hiding ones you don't want photographed. A lot of photographers like to bring your wedding day to life through a series of special detail photos that capture every important element, including your bridal footwear - so you can be sure there'll be photos to remember them. If you’re not confident in heels, you could opt for flats or a kitten heel - or you could give heels a good go, but bring a spare pair of sparkly flats to switch them out for when the pain starts.


Looking at having a summer wedding? New Zealand's strong sun is notorious, and it can be tempting to lather up under layers of sunscreen.  However, wearing copious amounts of sunblock can cause shiny, washed out skin in photos - the last thing you want under the summer sun! The best thing to do here is consult your makeup artist, and see what they recommend - they are professionals when it comes to dealing with skin, sun and light, to make sure you're looking your best! The shade will undoubtedly be your best friend - so make sure you stay cool, hydrated (with water, although a glass of champagne never goes amiss on your wedding day!), and perhaps consider an elegant parasol if you're going to be out under the scorching sun for a while? (Side note - it makes an awesome prop for photos!)



Not sure what to do with your engagement ring for the ceremony? Pop it onto your right hand - this makes it much easier to get your wedding band on, and you can slip the engagement ring back onto your left hand after the ceremony is over. Your photographer will likely grab your rings off you at some point during the day to get a few sparkly, shiny detail shots.


Odds are, your dress will get dirty - especially if you’re having an outdoor ceremony, or heading off to some rugged locations for your bridal party shots. There’s no need to stress out about dirt around the bottom of your dress - it won’t be the focus in your photos, and a quick trip to the dry-cleaner post-wedding will get it right out. It’s worth getting a wee bit dirty to get some epic photos too! Keep a pack of wet wipes handy for spot-cleaning (you’ll find that suit jackets end up covered in makeup from the many squishy hugs of congratulations!), and it’s not a bad idea to keep a small sewing kit on hand in case of small tears and wardrobe malfunctions.

Have any other questions? Let us know!